Experience the joy of complete solution at one source.

Karvy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is founded on a belief that technology is meant to empower the entire human race to take the civilization at the next level. We provide empowering solutions in the field of Information Technology, Telecom, Security, Autonomous solutions and also helping the world to harvest sustainable energy through solar solutions. Karvy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is founded in the year 2000 and is headquartered at Mumbai. We also have our branches in Hyderabad & Gujarat.

What exactly we do?

We do whatever it takes to give Solutions that empower our clients and their businesses! We work simultaneously with Large Enterprises, MNCs, SMEs, and Government Institutes. We Research to find out our Clients Exact pain points, their immediate needs & futuristic needs and provide empowering solutions for their businesses.

Our Values!

As Team Karvy, each one of us from Technicians on fields to managers in our offices is committed to excellence, timely execution and integrity. Just like our solutions our relationships are ever lasting too

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