A firewall is an intelligent filter between internal and external network system. It recognizes and eliminates possible threats to Network security.

Gatekeeper :

A firewall tracks all of the traffic to the computer network. It senses the threat from external network and eliminates it. Where as two-way firewall tracks the traffic exiting from your internal network too, threat can be transmitted unknowingly from sender's end as well, it is important to have a firewall monitoring the content.

Blocks Intruders :

Intruders such as Trojans tend to transmit your data to web server, which can be dangerous situation for any organization. Firewall blocks them and keeps your network & system secure.

Protection from Hackers :

A hacker can get a control of your computer and make your system a part of Botnet (a large group of computers used to perform illicit activity). Hacking is common these days, however, allowing your competitors to take advantage of open internet connection can lead to serious injury to business.

Cyber criminals try to put spyware software such as Key-logger to target your keystrokes. Once they are able to identify, what you are typing & where you are typing the information, these insights can lead to private account hacking.

Firewall Protection is extremely important for Network Security, Data Security and for mental peace.

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