Organisations invest heavy money in building I.T. infrastructure to get best output from machines. Repeat performance is must and that's where the maintenance & Repair services come in. All of sudden, if a computer stops, ongoing work has to halt, accept it or not but we live in the Era of computer dependent world. Inefficient computers will make Organisations inefficient too. Technology is an Energy that takes the Organisations closer to their Goals and to restore it our solutions includes:

  • AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)
  • CLR (Chip Level Repair)
  • TRC (Training & Research Centre)

We provide complete solution for IT- Infrastructure to empower your Organisation.

Why we are able to give you the best Services?
  • Around 20 years of Experience in support and Maintenance
  • Professional Service approach
  • Highly Experienced & Efficient Technicians.
  • Short resolution time on complex issues.
  • In-house Engineer placement, whenever needed.
  • Support for traditional & advanced technologies.
  • Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Monitors, and Keyboards etc are repaired under one roof.
  • Huge stock of spare parts.
  • Complete solution under one roof.
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