Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers are active fire protection devices to control or curb fire. They are majorly used in emergency like situation. Fire extinguishers are mostly cylindrical in shape in red colour. It is composed of Carbon Dioxide which helps in extinguishing fire.

Why your company requires Karvy’s Fire Extinguishers.
Security : In order to keep your employees and office premises safe, it supposed to be a fire compliant. Karvy provides fire extinguishers of great quality and mobility.
Service : We not only provide good fire extinguishers, but servicing them from time to time is a must for its functionality in emergency situations.
Usage : Our personnel properly train and explain people regarding the proper usage of fire extinguishers and how they suppose to be stored.
Guarantee and Warrantee Specification : At karvy we give proper guarantee and warrantee specifications on our fire extinguishers.
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