CCTV which stands for Close Circuit Television is the use of a video camera to record activities for conducting surveillance for longer interval of time. Earlier there were CCTVs which were quite basic in technology but now the CCTVs have great capturing technique and sensors which gives clear imagery and massive zooming technology. CCTVs are a surveillance marvel.

Benefits :

CCTVs has lead to easy detection and solving of a crime. Through CCTVs traffic monitoring has become a simple process.

Why your office requires CCTVs
Security : Today employees are at risk within the office, there are cases regarding sexual harassment at rise, so second to second surveillance of the office premises is a must for a peaceful working condition.
Monitoring the productivity of employees : How productive are your employee at work can easily be monitored on CCTVs and feedbacks can be given to them for improvement.
Evidence : CCTV recording are strong evidence against anyone who is an intruder.
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