Optimisation of Application Performance

Yes, it's true that most businesses today require applications to simplify their business processes. Applications can help businesses automate various tasks and processes, streamline communication and collaboration between teams, and provide real-time access to critical data and insights. In today's digital age, businesses that do not leverage applications to streamline their operations and enhance their customer experiences risk falling behind their competitors.

Business Impact:

Applications business impact depending on the factors of application complexity, design, butterfly effect, network, mobility, configuration, and skills. Application Performance Degradation: This is on a key factor in a business impact analysis, the following business impacts:

  • Delays in completing tasks, resulting in reduced productivity for users.
  • Revenue-generating app then slow performance can lead to lost sales and decreased revenue.
  • Slow or unresponsive applications can frustrate customers, leading to dissatisfaction.
  • Poor application performance could result in an increase dedicated support team.
Our Value Differentiators:
Value Drivers Business Impact Business Value
Application Process Flow Streamlined Application Process Flow Effective Data Security Posture maintained along with business continuity.
Configurations of Operating System, Middleware, Databases, Interfaces and 3rd Party tools Maintaining application UPTIME, and Consistent Performance without compromising security of the application Optimized infrastructure for business continuity. Lowering OPEX and CAPEX requirements.
Mapped Environment Variables like .ini files, .env files, RPM missing in case of Linux, etc. Consistency in application performance impedes business operations Consistent application performance supports smooth business operations
Patching and Upgradation of Server OS, Middleware's, Databases, Interfaces and 3rd Party tools. Mitigates data exposer to cyber-attacks. Data / Information is protected.
Data / Information is protected. Reduced threat of data exfiltration Protection of Data Capital
Network Bandwidth Management Maintained Quality of Service (QOS). End User experience is preserved.

Our optimization services for application performance is a innovative approach which helps organisations to realize reduced infrastructure operating cost, effective cyber security posture and improved efficiency in business operations.

Case Study:

World’s first Islamic Bank based in EMEA which is also the second largest Islamic bank in the world with balance sheet size over $ 70 Billion were facing challenges of poor application performance.

  • Application Web Services consuming 60% of compute resources.
  • Core banking integration with web-based applications for Enterprise customer as well as Retail customer was time consuming impacting poor response to the customer during pick hours.
  • Increased conflict between Cross functional team because of incomplete transactions.
  • Migrated 30 business critical web-services into RESTful API with API security solution impacted compute requirements lowered from 60% to 28%.
  • Revised interface communication of Core banking integration with Web-based application impacted fastest response to the Enterprise Customer as well as Retail Customer during pick hours.
  • Applications performance improved between 45% to 75% after applying application performance tuning drivers i.e. Application configuration, environmental variables, and application transaction process flow.
  • Lowered conflict between Cross functional team as logs of incomplete transaction moved to application monitoring team.
  • Optimised Applications Performance are consistent from Last 18 months.
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