Audio Visual Solutions

AV products (Audio Visual products) are now capable of optimizing energy consumption; this is helping users increase the scope of utility in areas such as Education and empowering Classroom learning, distance learning, Presentations, etc. Research has proved Audio Visual learning facilitates to grasp information quickly helps remembering it for a longer. Recording lectures allows users to edit and share the content to reach maximum students in future. Modern Projectors can be connected through wireless, networked, and the internet. Using interactive digital signage has resulted to be the most powerful medium.

To ensure maximum results with ease, technologies have to be easily interactive and quick to manage. We all know that using mediums such as display, projection, audio to best of its capabilities will optimize impact. To make easy interaction with AV products, Karvy Technologies manufactures user-specified products that are remote controlled. Products such as projector, projector screen, speakers, amplifiers make a perfect setup with the audio and video output.

Karvy Technologies products expertise in areas such as Auditorium, Training Room Audio, video conference, Multimedia learning, and Conference Room.

Our Products will help you work seamlessly through audio, video, display and system controls.

Karvy Technologies offers :
  • Audio Conferencing Solution
  • Video Conferencing Solution
  • Board Room Solution
  • PA System
  • Projection Solution
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