Cloud Sevices

Cloud services helps to unify Internet and intranet for smooth operations in the business. Having a centralized storage helps employees in an organization to share, edit & contribute in a common project. Enhancing scope of communication will result in better focus in Marketing Goals.

Since these facilities are backed up and made by industry experts in Karvy Technologies, you don’t have to worry about the functioning and efficiency of the cloud.

Why is Karvy tech Cloud service is the best?
Mobility : Supports any internet using device.
ROI : Optimum use of advance tools resulting in least resource wastage.
Remunerative : Your abilities and application goes concurrently.
Personalized : Modified and developed according to the company requirements
Secure : Your data security is our No.1 Priority

Our services include applications and tools which help enhance productivity and boost business collaborations.

Web Hosting : Right from site hosting, planning and executing, we assist our clients to complete their long term as well as short term goals.
Microsoft Office 365 : Use advance tools such as shared calendar, contacts and tasks, public folder, and business email in your desired domain. You can also use these tools in Blackberry, iphone and windows devices.
Hosted Share Point : With the use of Host SharePoint and Hosted Exchange we can carry out real time collaborations over company intranet. Review files, manage mailboxes, and write blogs and wikis, Store documents online
Hosted Microsoft Dynamics® CRM : Utilize Microsoft outlook to its fullest by using lead and opportunity management tools, marketing automation, and end-to-end management.

We have developed these tools to satisfy unique and specialized business needs. The motive can be exploring new market, advancing technology to dominate the market.

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