Waklie Talkie

A wide range of industries such as Restaurants, Government offices, Institutions, Hospitals, Retail segments, etc uses Walkie Talkies. This device works on radio signals, the team can communicate quickly by using specific broadband.

Communicate with your colleagues without call charges and execute tasks seamlessly.

Our brand is recognized as a renowned long range walkie talkies manufacturers and suppliers in the market. Products are tested timely by our industry experts to maintain the standards and excellent functionality.

Features of Walkie talkie are:
  • Reliable communication
  • Durable and efficient
  • High performance and cost-effective
  • Superior quality and waterproof
  • Avail in various sizes and industry-leading range

Use Karvy Tech Walkie Talkie and enjoy additional accessories such as audio accessories, battery, charger, battery maintenance system, carry cases.

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